Hagiasofia is a new business network which facilitates selling all kind of goods on very ground level. We create a chain of vendors all around the city and used them as fulfillment centers. Our vision is to re-engineering the logistic approach of brick to click eCommerce model as we see that current existing market is using out of date model. We believe that we can change this existing industry and give it a new direction.

Fashion and Design

Dressing is a way of life. Discover Hagiasofia style and fashion shop to know about the latest trend.

Electronics Devices

Find the latest version of your favorite electronic device.


The vision behind Hagiasofia is to creat brick-to-click eCommerece network by working on the problem that has never been notice before by any major indutry leader. We are trying to create the world deepest and largest fulfilment centers by working and enabling small business to be part of an internet mortal-to-click form of selling.....

The vision behind Hagiasofia is to put all small business on internet and make a chain of small and large business to create a network which provides time and cost efficient delivery, and give birth to the daily commerce. We are trying to create mortal-to-click commerece which enbale world fastest and deepest chain of fullfillment centers all around the globle. ......