Customer Privacy Policy

Hagiasofia knows the exact limits and right usage of the privacy, we knew that for all parties using wants their privacy to be completely protected. All parties trusts that hagiasofia will keep it safe. We always appreciate your trust on us, and we completely promise that your privacy will be our top priority and at any cost we never let it to get compromised, but to keep as much secure as possible, your privacy will never be mishandled or shared with any other party of any reason. We know trust can not be asked but earn; therefore, we always do our best to earn your trust.

Any personal information provided to will be store and used under the limits and will be protection in accordance with the all artices

As hagiasofia is a just a stat up now; therefore, we don’t store any information beside Legal name, email address, personal address, order history products you would like to buy in future. We used these informations in order to provide better customer service and recommend the product you would like to buy in time and cost effective way. We use your information to assist sellers in handlings and fulfill orders in time effective way, we used it for Communication, products services, promotional offers, we keep records of your questions, reviews, and comment to analyze any misusage of our services. We also used these informations to protect out website from potential hezadious and frudulent usage of

Last Update July 10, 2020