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The services provided by Hagiasofia includs all parties — bussiness using hagiasofia platfroms, the cunsumers
and hagiasifia itself, any party who have any kind of affiliation with hagiasofia regarding buying or selling, whether online retails, small bussiness owner,
or in persons with their own stocks, are referred to following terms & conditions. Any new updates, services, features, or tools in future shall
also be follows under the section of terms and condition. Hagiasofia reserves the right to ammends any section of terms and services by posting on offical website.
All parties are advised to check the terms and conditions for time to time that may impact them, and if you denied to any section of term and condition you have
to cease the usage of hagiasofia service & and contact to our magement.

You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions. Before making any movement on the hagiasofia services.

Class 1, Section-A

Cunsumer Account Terms

1- To access hagiasofia service, you must register for an account by providing your correct identity: a vaild email address , your compelte national
identity name and any other indicated information for better services. User just be aged 18 or aboved or under 18 but autorize by true gudience to
open an account at

2- You must acknowledge that hagiasofia will use your user email adress while sign up or any updated email, as a primary source of
communication.Both for bussiness or any issue regestration purposes.

3- You are responsible for every movemnt in account from your behalf. Password must be kept secqure and unique for only Hagiasofia account.
In case of any violation of privacy from user end, hagiasofia will not be liable for any kind of demage. We recomend you to keep a very
sequre and very unique only password for hagiasofia account.

4- You will be responsible for all activities and contents provided by your end e.g, images and informations provided from your account. Meanwhile, services
provided under the umberra of hagiasofia is for bussiness purposes not or any personal reason; therefore, you must respect your individality and do not afflite
with hagiasofia services but only for bussiness requirments.

5- Hagiasofia holds right to reject any new user or current existing account,for any reason, in our sole discretion. A breach in of any term may result in an
immediate termination of an account.

6- To re-emphasize, that all users are responsible for the maintance of their account. Hagiasofia will not be responsible for any kind of demage.

Class-1, Section-B

Store Owner Terms
1- The account uses for providing any kind of service will be consider a store owner account, any account can be converted to store account from user dashboard.
The small bussiness acount, or in person store account must provide all the require information. In addition, if any emplyee of any bussiness are opening an account
they must be autorized from the bussiness thenowner itself.

2- Every Account store will be authorized to sell a particular category product, and the account itself associted with a only one peron of the bussiness —
owner or autorized authority.

3- The owner of store will be responsible for every product associated to their store. All kind of provided information, must be ture and accurate e.g,
images, photes gallary, written content, short information, description, product details, graphics, uploded data, seller information, quality and quantity
and must be sell on retail price. Any misleading or inaccurtre information not only faces hagiasofia account termination but will be against goverment
law.Eventhought hagiasofia will first check before uploading the data, and have autority to give approve or not to publishe the contant or any particualar
product on the platform. Every store will have a unique name and every store can chose their particular name base on avalibility. The name of store will
be wright hagiasofia domain name ( and every store will have a unique slug.

Class A Section-C

All Parties Terms

1- The terms and condition will be goverened by the laws of Ankara and laws of Turkey therein. without regard to principle of conflict of laws.
The United Nation convention on contracts for the international sales of Goods will not be apply. None of the party will use Hagiasofia
Services for any illegal purposes, nor may any party violates any laws in your jurisdiction. All parties must respect rules and regulation
in your use of the service, and your performance of obligation Under terms and condition.

2- The Terms and condition is available in English and Turikish to resloved any kind of language conflict.Hagiasofia will change any section
in terms and condition without any consenses to any party and will be update on the website always.

3- Hagiasofia welcomes your comments and feedback, we strive to provide a better service which is only possible throught your feedbacks
and Questions. Any person can post a reviews, comment, feedback, suggestion question or any other information, as long as it is coming from a
an autorize email address and the content is not illegal, thretening, defamatory, invasive of privacy, of any political campaigning, mass message,
a commercial message and solicitation. Hagiasoia reserve the right to remove or edit such content, but doesn’t the regular post contents.

Privacy & Data Protection

Hagiasofia highly repects personal information and firmly committed to protect the privacy of all the parties. By using hagiasofia services,
you acknowledge and agree that Hagiasofia’s collection, usage and disclosure of this personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Hagiasofia knows the exact limits and right usage of the privacy, we knew that for all parties using wants their privacy to be completely protected. All parties trusts that hagiasofia will keep it safe. We always appreciate your trust on us, and we completely promise that your privacy will be our top priority and at any cost we never let it to get compromised, but to keep as much secure as possible, your privacy will never be mishandled or shared with any other party of any reason. We know trust can not be asked but earn; therefore, we always do our best to earn your trust.

Any personal information provided to will be store and used under the limits and will be protection in accordance with the all artices

As hagiasofia is a just a stat up now; therefore, we don’t store any information beside Legal name, email address, personal address, order history products you would like to buy in future. We used these informations in order to provide better customer service and recommend the product you would like to buy in time and cost effective way. We use your information to assist sellers in handlings and fulfill orders in time effective way, we used it for Communication, products services, promotional offers, we keep records of your questions, reviews, and comment to analyze any misusage of our services. We also used these informations to protect out website from potential hezadious and frudulent usage of

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